Eagles sign seven more players before game against West Preston.

Team unity and moving forward together are things that are proposed when talking about what drives success. With this is mind, there is no doubt exciting times ahead for the Whittlesea football club after signing seven more players last night to bring the tally up to 22 before most clubs even worry about contract talks.

The biggest signings last night included captain Garrett Heenan and elite midfielder Todd Behan who both showed little thought before signing on the dotted line.

Football manager Jarrad Carey has been proactive in his new role and has left coach Pete Bugden confident that the club will bring together a quality squad for the 2013 season, capable of playing finals football.

“JC has brought an enthusiasm and drive to the role of Football Manager; we have been unable to recruit to a suitable Division 1 standard for a number of years and we are seeing the foundations of growth being put in place,” He said,

“His knowledge and people skills are greatly assisting our current desire to sign all current players and provide some outside talent to add to our young mix,”

The Eagles will go into tomorrow’s game with the knowledge that the majority of their senior team have committed to the club for a further year.

But that won’t get them over the line.

Having defeated this team in their last encounter at the Showgrounds, the Eagles will be confident that they can do it again at West Preston

The conditions are set to be much different to that game with word around the traps that West Preston’s ground resembles the lake next door following heavy rain today.

The Eagles will be without their full forward Andrew Fairchild who kicked six goals last time they met. Roy Dyson (hamstring) and Matthew Robertson (ankle) are also set to miss.

Alan Stonehouse will make his senior debut, while defenders Chris Horman and Scott McAuliffe will return.

The Eagles adopted a fast-moving, small forward game plan last week against Montmorency and if not for inaccurate kicking, would’ve been leading by a considerable margin at quarter time, making it much harder for Magpies to run away at the end of the game like we saw.

Whittlesea will be hoping to emulate that start this week but with a few more goals on the board.


  • Captain Garrett Heenan has found some form in the last month and the wet muddy conditions will suit him to a tee. 
  • The Eagles seem to match up well against the Roosters and will look to extend their winning streak. 
  • Whittlesea are relatively small when in comparison to teams like West Preston. The ball will spend a lot of time on the ground, to, I think, the Eagles favour. 


  • While being smaller is an advantage on the ground, one could argue that Whittlesea’s bodies won’t be able to match the physicality of a strong West Preston around the packs. 
  • Roy Dyson is a vital cog in the Eagles engine room. With him missing, Nick Snowden and Garrett Heenan will have to shoulder his workload on the bottom of the packs. 
  • West Preston are coming off two games without a win, including a draw against Greensborough last week. They will be keen to hit the Eagles hard and notch up a must needed win. 

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