Eagles ramp up business!

The Whittlesea Football Club has announced that former NFL Football Operations Manager Jarrad Carey will be appointed the Eagles Football Manager effective immediately.

Carey, 31, after seven years working at Collingwood in various roles and a successful three and a half year stint as the Football Operations manager of the newly constructed Northern Football League back in 2006, brings a wealth of experience and an extensive network of contacts to the club, holding the Eagles in good stead as they aim to go on a recruiting drive on a much bigger scale than in previous years.

Jarrad Carey pictured here with his fiancé Zara is excited to take the Eagles to new heights on and off the field in 2013.

This includes the Eagles actively looking to recruit a dedicated reserves coach for the 2013 season as current reserves coach Brad Dean will be taking up a senior assistants role with the club.

Nathan Croughan, 32, has been appointed Operations manager and as a business owner and dedicated football man should bring a bevy of business experience with him.

Nathan Croughan brings with him a clever business sense and a dedication to the Eagles that is sure to be a positive.

The two men, along with President Rob Barker and the committee will look to modernize the football club and ultimately turn it into a thriving business that generates capital through firstly a successful football team, but also rational business moves and savvy business-to-business networking.

Carey was thrilled to have been selected for the position,

“I’ve taken on the Footy Manager role to ensure that the club keeps moving forward and to reward the loyalty and dedication of the quality people around the club,” he said.

Carey has a framed idea of where he wants the club to go.

“Our aim is to recruit some high quality players capable of competing at the highest level of NFL, while nurturing the enormous young talent we already have, and we aim to play Division One finals in 2013.”

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