Whittlesea v Bundoora updates

Quarter time
The Eagles trail by 36 points at quarter time kicking against a four goal wind. Solid quarters from the two speed demons Brenton Briffa and Janan Daniel have held the Eagles in good stead and hopefully the boys can pile on a few this quarter. Stay tuned.

Half time Whittlesea 5.7.37 trail Bundoora 13.5.83
The effort is there, and the backline has held up well despite constant peppering by the Bulls midfield.

Bull Gary Moorcroft was sent off after entering a contest late and hitting Ben Russell high after marking.

Stay tuned for the third quarter action.

Three quarter time
The Eagles are coming! Dominating the second half of the third quarter highlighted by forward performances by Andrew Fairchild and Rocky Collins and midfield hardness from Garrett Heenan and Roy Dyson have the eagles trailing by 29 points at three quarter time.
Wsea 9.13.67 bundoora 15.6.96.

Eagles kick with the wind this quarter.

Full time Whittlesea have gone down to Bundoora by 39 points in a tough contest that was evenly won by both teams over the ground.

Going into the last quarter trailing by five goals, the Eagles were unable to string multiple goals together as two teams went goal for goal in the final term before Cameron Cloke who had a shocker of a day was able to get onto the end of a few, extending the margin as the electricity faded in the last five minutes.
Rocky Collins was outstanding up forward booting four. Andrew Fairchild and Lucas Hobbs were both fantastic coming together to create a forward/midfield combination that oozes class.

For a full insight on the days game plus words from the coach tune into the nest later on tonight.

Go Eagles.
C’mon eagles!

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